Smashing the patriarchy, narcissism, and religious abuse one story at a time. Author of Chasing Eden a childhood memoir.

I am currently from Portland, Oregon, but I’ve lived in many places. From Washington to Michigan, to Connecticut, to Louisiana. …

It’s Never What it Seems

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Narcissistic people search for empaths like heat-seeking missiles. Then, once they find them, they try to milk them for all their worth. It’s called narcissistic feed. The narcissistic feed can be compliments, favors, money, votes — you name it — it’s the narc’s currency and varies from person to person.

Because kindness matters

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The other day I read a blog by a Christian psychologist warning people that Jesus is coming very soon — it’s even at the door. …

Our time is worth more than this

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Medium has been a great blessing to me. I used to share my stories on other media and while I got a lot of “likes,” I never got paid. When I first joined Medium I hoped that my friends would join me and some did. …

Is that a spider or his imagination?

Photo of Minkah Mhotep by Author

My eleven-year-old cat Minkah Mhotep is like a little old man in a catsuit. We’ve always gotten along, but lately, he’s lost his ever-purring mind.

He’s always been a well-behaved kitty until covid. What changed was the number of knocks at the door. Minks never did enjoy much company. Like…

Do it for yourself

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A decade before I wrote my memoir, I was watching The Judds episode on OWN where Ashley Judd told Wynonna that she wrote a memoir. Wynonna yelled at her in anger, “Why’d you have to do that?”

Ashley's answer was, “Because you wouldn’t listen to me…

Or is someone just making this crap up?

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When a friend invited me to join a group for survivors of narcissistic abuse, I turned her down. The truth was I felt so much shame that I didn’t feel good enough to talk about what happened to me.

Contributing to my shame was a false belief that I had…

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It’s hard to recognize the abuse

If it’s your first narcissist — whether parent, boss, neighbor or romantic partner, it’s going to be hard to diagnose the situation. If you grew up in a narcissistic family or were taught to be codependent, it might take years or even decades for you to recognize such behavior as…

You might want to draw the line with a narcissist

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There is a saying that you can’t go wrong with kindness, but I would disagree. Kindness is usually a good thing. And I agree that kindness matters, but some people do not deserve kindness. At the top of that list…

What happens in childhood, never stays in childhood

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Once upon a time, there was a girl named Zoe who, even though her name meant life — had trouble enjoying life. …

Cherilyn Christen Clough

Top 1500 Writer, Smashing Patriarchy, Narcissism, & Religious Abuse one story at a time. Author of CHASING EDEN: A MEMOIR and Little Red Survivor Publication

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