I never had a hometown, or a high school class, or even a house to call home in my childhood. The following are my answers to the question “Where are you from?”

I am from a little cabin on Whidbey Island, in Washington State…

Is that a spider or his imagination?

Photo of Minkah Mhotep by Author

My eleven-year-old cat Minkah Mhotep is like a little old man in a catsuit. We’ve always gotten along, but lately, he’s lost his ever-purring mind.

He’s always been a well-behaved kitty until covid. What changed was the number of knocks at the door. Minks never did enjoy much company. Like…

Cherilyn Christen Clough

Top 1500 Writer, Smashing Patriarchy, Narcissism, & Religious Abuse one story at a time. Author of CHASING EDEN: A MEMOIR and Little Red Survivor Publication

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