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  • Fatim Hemraj

    Fatim Hemraj

    Independent crime journalist and TBI survivor 🎗Reach me @ fatimhemraj@gmail.com | https://fatimhemraj.medium.com/membership

  • Nathan LaDuke

    Nathan LaDuke

    Extroverted American living in Europe confused about why all the cashiers here look at me funny when I ask how their day was. Faith. Life. Jesus.

  • Paisley Lake

    Paisley Lake

    I try to be a little beacon but man, it’s dark out there.

  • Lisa Martens

    Lisa Martens

    Get your ecopy of “What You Deserve” : https://ko-fi.com/s/93cd2a97e3 📖 abusive relationships, feminism, mental health, NYC

  • Chioma


    Writer. Passionate about telling stories to empower and educate. https://medium.com/about-me-stories/about-me-chioma-be6fe0c1aed0

  • Jonathan Townend

    Jonathan Townend

    Writing and writing that's just about the lot! I used to work as a mental health nurse but, now enjoy letting my imagination run free, to write fiction and more

  • Rubaiyat Rahman

    Rubaiyat Rahman

    A South Asian Academic, Book Reviewer, Maritime & International Affairs Analyst. Rubaiyat loves to wade across the universe of Reading and Writing.

  • Donna Brown

    Donna Brown

    Author of The Locket Saga, a fictional American Historical Family, gardener, homesteader, chicken farmer, teacher.

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